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In some ways Mister Brown's message is always the same - Choose Well! Mister Brown believes that each one of us daily encounters choices that will change our lives for better or worse. He has a unique ability to connect with an audience, understand their unique challenges and context, and powerfully motivate them to see the power of choices in everyday life.

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Your group is unique and we think our message should be too! Our team has developed lots of valuable content, but we love to work with you to customize our message to meet the opportunities and challenges of your audience.

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Events are a powerful way to spark lasting change! But we know what a challenge it can be to keep choosing well every single day.  So, while you can just choose a single speech, Mister Brown always prefers to include follow-up video messages to maximize the impact of your investment in your audience.

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Mister Brown and the Choose Well Group are on a mission to help educators and parents empower students to make better choices to live better lives.

He will seek to understand the needs of your culture, connect with your people and challenge them to makes better choices to live better lives.

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